New Policy


We ask that no one visits students on the level of Introduction. Students on the Foolish levels can be visited, but those visits are restricted to the tree house or the work site that the student is residing at. Students on the Growth levels can also be visited, but all on property visits are restricted to one hour. During that hour, visitors are welcome to talk in the office, walk down to the lake, or even play a game in the Basketball Gym. However, during your visit please do not spend your hour in the house or sitting on the porch, unless permission has been granted ahead of time. If you wish to stay longer than an hour or do something special for the house, like prepare food, please contact Mr. Boldman or Mr. Vaught for scheduling. Please note that visiting hours end at 9 PM.

This policy is not referring to or restricting your off property visits. Thank you.

-see also Family Visits

Boldman’s Weekly Parenting Blog

  • 3/7/18

    It is good to know the science behind what our kids are taught about their sexual orientation. We have been talking a little about pornography and how it effects our sons, but reality is it also plays a role in the shaping of their sexual orientation...which is a very scary… Read more…

May Break:


Our break is Saturday May 19th – June 3rd. All students must be gone by the afternoon of May 19th and can start coming back the morning of June 3rd. If your son will be flying home then all flights leave at least two days before May19th, just in case of cancellations. You may book their flight to leave earlier than the 17th, but not after. Flights coming back can be anytime on or after the 3rd of June. If a student has to stay at FM any time during the break then there will be an addition cost for mentors time, travel, and food.

We wanted to let you know a few things about the upcoming break. To help your son stay in the Future Men mind set and to also make your two weeks a little easier, we have set up a break evaluation sheet. We will be sending a sheet with your son when he comes home, which you will use to evaluate him and then send back with your son. The evaluation is broke up into each week. He will be able to go up a level or down a level based on how he does on the evaluation. This will be applied to where he left off when he comes back.

We also have break contracts available if you would like one. It is meant to help give you some ideas of how to create more structure and boundaries for your son.  If you would like one of these, I will send you a contract and you will make it fit your home life. Then send it back and we will go over it with your son before he leaves so that he will know what to expect when he gets home.

Reminder: If you want your son to check a bag please pay for it ahead of time.  Also, as soon as you get your travel arrangements figured out email them to If you have any questions, please let us know.


Level: Manhood

Updated on: September 5th, 2017
Next Update on: Every Other Week

Future Men Goals:

Personal/Family Goals: During Sam’s stay here at Future Men we are going to be focused on many different aspects of Sam!  We are going to address his need to be more engaging with family, and to address and restore the situations that brought him to this place in his life.  We would like him to figure out where he stands in regards to his faith, and make the connection between his profession of faith and how it is played out in his life.

Academic Goals: Sam will graduate from Future Men with a high school diploma. 

Apprenticeship Goals: We would like for Sam to find a trade that he is truly passionate about. We hope to set him up with an apprenticeship that lays the groundwork to build skills for future employment.


Sam is doing very well at the fire station. He received a great evaluation and will start his fire fighter classes soon.

School Progress

– Algebra 1: Sam is currently working on lessons 96 – 100. There is a total of 142 lessons in this class. Overall Average: 87%

– World History: Sam is on chapter 6 of 30 in this subject. Overall Average: 91%

– Economics (.5): Sam has finished all of his work for this class. Final Grade: 89%

– English 11: Sam is currently reading through his second book for this class, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. This is the second of four books needed to fulfill this credit. Overall Average: 85%

– Physical Science: Sam has finished all his work for this credit. Final Grade: 83%

– Biology: Sam is currently finishing up unit 3 of 5 in this class. He is turning in good work. Overall Average: 93%

Sam is also enrolled in: Worldview (1 credit); Life Skills (1 credit); Apprenticeship (1 credit); and Physical Education (1 credit).  In order to graduate from high school he must also complete: English 12 (1 credit); Algebra 2 (1 credit) and Government (.5 credit). He should do well.

Growth Progress

Sam is doing really well this week. He is on manhood with only one check. Over the past two weeks he has only received three checks. He seems to be really enjoying his new apprenticeship. He had a really good phone call with his family and seems to be trying hard to reconcile that relationship.